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How to Set Up a Proxy in Windows?

The modern internet is evolving day by day, so the risk of exposing personal data/identity over the internet is also increasing. We must try to keep our identity as secure as possible in this scenario. There are many ways to do that, using VPN, and another one is using a proxy server. Learn, How to Set Up a Proxy in Windows?

What is Proxy Server?

Proxy is a mediator between your network and the destination. Suppose you access Hyonix.com from the network (Local System), then you are directly exposing the network address i.e., to the destination (Hyonix.com). Here Proxy gets into use. Suppose you have configured a Proxy server i.e.,, on the local computer and connected it to the proxy server. So, whenever you are trying to access Hyonix.com, all the requests will be passed through the Proxy server (, and all the incoming requests from Hyonix.com will also get received via the Proxy server. Let us understand this with the below image for a better idea,

proxy explain hyonix

Set Up a Proxy in Windows

1. Login to Windows Operating System → Open Start → Settings.


2. Navigate to Network & Internet.

navigate to network and settings windows

3. Again, navigate to Proxy.

navigate to proxy settings

4. Enable the Use a proxy server option.

enable proxy server option

5. Enter the required details,

Address: Enter the proxy server IP address or a hostname.

Port: Specify the proxy port.

If you want to avoid using a proxy for a specific address, enter those addresses in the text box.

enter proxy server ip and port

6. Finally, click on Save.

How to Set Up a Proxy in Windows


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Updated on December 29, 2021

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