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How To Setup and Configure a Squid Proxy on Windows Server?

You can set up a personal proxy server and can use it for many purposes. This article will set up the proxy setup with the squid proxy on the windows server. Let us learn, How To Setup and Configure a Squid Proxy in Windows Server?

Download & Install Squid Proxy

Download the Squid Proxy Installer from the following URL:


1. Open installer Click on Next.

open squid installer

2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking the box Click on Next.

squid proxy windows accept terms

3. Specify installation directory for Squid proxy Click on Next.

squid proxy installation directory windows server

4. Squid proxy is ready for the installation; to start the installation, click on Install.

how to install and configure squid proxy on windows server

5. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Squid Proxy Server on the windows server.

squid proxy installation finished windows

Allow Squid Port Through Firewall

Local network usage 3128 TCP port to connect through Squid Proxy. Let us first, allow the 3128 TCP port in the firewall Inbound Rules.

1. Log in to Windows Server → Start → Administrative Tools → Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.



2. Navigate to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security → Inbound Rules.

Allow Incoming Connections Of Program From Windows VPS / Server Firewall

3. To create new rule, Click on “New Rule“.


4. In Rule Type, select Port Click on Next.

rule type select port squid

5. Protocol and Ports Select TCP Select Specific Port Enter Port Number 3128 Click on Next.

protocol and ports squid proxy windows firewall

6. Action, select “Allow the connection Click on Next.

allow connection tcp port 3128 squid firewall

7. In the Profile tab, you need to select the below options and click “Next“, Domain: This applies to when the computer connected to the corporate domain. Private: This applies to when the computer connected to the private network. Public: This applies to when the computer connected to the public network.


7. In the Name section, you need to specify Name for your Custom Rule → Finish.

Allow Squid port Through Firewall windows


In the article, we went through how to setup and configure a Squid Proxy in Windows Server. After installation and the configuration, you should be able to use the server as a proxy from the local computer

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Updated on November 28, 2021

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